Ways We Build Our Inspiring Office Culture

Ways We Build Our Inspiring Office Culture

Maintaining a healthy work culture that inspires collaboration is one of our top QCB Events Inc priorities. When we work as a unified team we generate better results for ourselves, our company, and the brands we represent in the marketplace.

“Our team members work very hard every day,” shared the President of QCB Events Inc, Brooke. “Getting together away from the office environment is one way we ensure a rejuvenating and inspiring workplace atmosphere. We emphasize teamwork, which means investing in strong team bonds.”
We enjoy team nights that include dinner, games, and lots of laughter. Socializing and bonding as both friends and colleagues creates a relaxed workplace where high levels of productivity and engagement are the norm.

Our team nights are not the only way we create a unified ethos; recognition is also a powerful tool for bringing people together. We recognize associates for winning weekly challenges, each milestone we hit in our personal lives, and the victories we achieve on our career journeys as well.

“When we give credit where credit is due, we send a very powerful message to everyone in our organization that effort is appreciated,” Brooke explained. “I can think of no better way to inspire everyone to bring their A-game to work every day than to let it be known that doing so will bring them the recognition they deserve.”

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