Want to Join a Thriving Team? We Are Hiring!

Want to Join a Thriving Team? We Are Hiring!

We’re doing some amazing work at QCB Events Inc. In fact, our reputation for excellence with the brands we promote has afforded us more business, which is why we’re recruiting for individuals to ensure we surpass company needs.

“We are ready to grow our QCB Events Inc team!” announced Brooke, our President. “The timing is perfect for individuals interested in the interactive sales industry to join us.”

As Brooke explained, there are some candidate qualities we seek in our QCB Events Inc recruitment process. “We plan to hire people who are outgoing, eager to learn, and are super motivated,” she said. “For someone to be a perfect fit for the team they need to have a growth-oriented mind-set, strong work ethic, and positive attitude. Prior experience is less significant than these qualities. We appreciate people who are not afraid to be authentic and relish problem-solving opportunities and challenges.”

We offer an empowering culture with continual professional and personal development. Our people are hired not just to fill roles, but to advance with us as well. “If you’re not looking for a typical job, then this is the job for you,” Brooke said. “We want to help you build your skills and career.”

As we continue to expand, we will continue to grow our team. Check out our Newswire for updates on new opportunities to come work with us.