We Want You to Build a Career in Sales and Marketing

We Want You to Build a Career in Sales and Marketing

Career-minded professionals looking for an opening in the sales and marketing industry need look no further: QCB Events Inc is hiring! The success of our product campaigns has helped us expand our operations into several new territories, and these branch offices have positions that need to be filled.

“Our industry is buzzing with excitement,” stated Brooke, President of QCB Events Inc, “and our company’s growth has created development opportunities for both our current and future team members. We embrace collaboration with the top leaders in our industry to provide the best training, and we rely on the latest techniques to stay relevant in our field.”

Sales strategies, the ins and outs of buying processes, the power to overcome objections, and confidence in public speaking are just a few of the skill sets we share as part of our comprehensive training system. Graduates of our program acquire the expertise necessary to succeed in sales and marketing.

“We seek motivated people who want the chance to manage their own office in the future,” Brooke explained. “Our education program is so thorough that work history comes second to a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. Bring those, and we’ll provide all the other tools required to thrive.”

We’re growing, and we invite you to grow with us. Find out more about our team by friending QCB Events Inc. on Facebook.