Traits That Define Great Leaders

Traits That Define Great Leaders

Through the course of our QCB Events Inc leadership development efforts, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to effectively manage people. Here are a few key traits we’ve observed time and time again in the most respected business leaders.

Self-awareness is among the most important attributes a leader can have, because people naturally want to follow those who understand their strengths and weaknesses in equal measure. We’ve found that leaders who are upfront about where they need to improve inspire their team members to apply themselves in the same ways.

Curiosity is another core attribute shared by the world’s most successful business leaders. We’re always asking questions around the QCB Events Inc office, both to learn new concepts and improve our existing processes. We know this commitment to curiosity will continue to pay off as we grow into leadership roles.

We’ve learned that a strong sense of humor is also a key trait among respected managers. The business world is constantly evolving, so it’s good to have guidance from leaders who can find the lighter side in what could be stressful situations. By being their authentic selves and telling an appropriate joke here and there, great leaders take the edge off demanding circumstances.

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