Tips to Transition After a Promotion

Tips to Transition After a Promotion

Our QCB Events Inc advancement policy means that our people are on course for promotions from almost day one. Before they rise to the next level, we make sure they’re prepared both personally and professionally. It’s important that people are properly transitioned into their new jobs so that they can flourish professionally and personally. Here are some tips to consider.

The first key to successful promotion transitions is to ensure the person truly wants this new role. While our QCB Events Inc learning environment is designed for our people to grow at their own pace, this isn’t always the case. Managers should carefully consider if the individual is ready to move up a notch by assessing whether they have the right skills and aptitudes to perform at that level.

There are many other changes that come with promotions for which associates should be alert. Foremost, responsibilities will change. Other aspects of the new job could involve routine adjustments such as different hours or travel, so it’s best for them to consider how they might adapt.

Of course, even in a new role, people still need plenty of support as they adjust. Our QCB Events Inc coaching program helps our team members by providing guidance throughout their career growth.

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