Tips to Make Your Next Presentation Memorable

Tips to Make Your Next Presentation Memorable

Public speaking is an important competency for all professionals to develop, but in our industry especially we rely on our ability to persuade an audience to our point of view. This is why we make presentation skills central parts of our QCB Events Inc training curriculum.

These are some of the QCB Events Inc guidelines we provide when we’re teaching our sales and marketing managers how to speak in public:

” Buy Your Story First: Before we can convince others of what we are saying, we need to first make sure that we’re already sold – both on our speeches, and on ourselves. Practice is a good place to start.

” Embrace Anxiety: Feeling nervous energy before giving a talk is not only natural, but it’s also a positive thing. We train ourselves to use our anxious energy as fuel for our presentation.

” Open Strong: The most memorable speeches grab our attention right from their first sentences, and then build on that momentum. The last sentence of a talk should be impactful as well. One of the most effective strategies we use for writing a speech actually builds on these two rules – write amazing first and last sentences, then fill in the middle.

Speaking in public is a powerful tool that can increase your visibility and credibility. Learn more about our public speaking tips by following QCB Events Inc on Twitter.