How to Up Your Speaking Game Right Now

Our QCB team relies on public speaking to connect with customers and deliver impact for the brands we represent. We strive to continually improve our speaking skills so that we’re always fresh and energized. Here are some of our favorite practices:


  • Study Effective Speakers: As our QCB professionals attest, the best way to learn how to be a strong speaker is to watch others who have mastered the art. Tune into a TED talk or something similar that showcases talented presenters. Watch their mannerisms as they connect with the audiences, including their body language, voice inflections, and presentation rhythms. Tape yourself speaking to compare and look for opportunities to enhance your own presence.


  • Continually Refresh Your Knowledge: Since we often speak repeatedly on the same topic for a period of time, our QCB experts have developed a strategy to keep our material fresh. Each week, we review the topic we’re presenting to learn more about it, add extra value to our presentations, and answer common question themes that might have come up during the week. This keeps us knowledgeable and enthusiastic while our presentations never go stale.


  • Recharge Your Batteries: If there’s one thing we’ve learned, we can’t be on the ball 24/7 unless we take some breathers. Take downtime to relax and recharge whenever possible. If you’re talking all the time, give your voice a rest.


You’ll find more excellent tips on public speaking and audience connection on our LinkedIn page!