PRESS RELEASE: QCB Inc Sees Travel to Conferences as Wise Investment

PRESS RELEASE: QCB Inc Sees Travel to Conferences as Wise Investment

CHARLOTTE, NC – Top QCB Inc producers are traveling to a leadership event in Dallas. The company’s President highlighted the benefits that this trip will provide, and shared tips on how to get the most out of business travel.

“I really can’t imagine what this company would be like without our travel program,” stated Brooke, President of QCB Inc. “There is so much value in every one of our trips, whether they are focused on business or pleasure – or both, as is the case with our upcoming Dallas trip.”

Select individuals from QCB Inc have been chosen to attend a quarterly networking conference in Dallas. Those who attend will receive hands-on training in cutting-edge techniques being used in different markets and will also have the chance to network with like-minded professionals from across North America. These connections will be crucial for those who want to grow personally and professionally, as large networks provide access to both knowledge and business opportunities.

“This trip will be extremely valuable to those who attend. What we’ll learn here will impact our performances on a daily basis when we return to HQ,” Brooke shared. “Plus, we’ll hear inspiring stories from everyone within the industry, from entry-level team members to business leaders who have reached their pinnacles of success and keep going, at a prestigious awards ceremony.”

QCB Inc’s President Shares Advice on How to Make Business Trips as Effective as Possible

QCB Inc’s travel program is not just about training and networking though, according to Brooke. There are other benefits that come with business trips, such as the chance to relax and enjoy a break in a person’s normal routine.

“When we go to a city like Dallas, I think it’s important to spend some time visiting local landmarks and getting a feel for the area,” Brooke shared. “Different parts of the country have their own unique flavors, both literally and figuratively, so I like to try some local cuisine too. Doing this makes Dallas stand out in our memories and adds depth to the experience.”

Brooke also shares travel tips with her team members to help them feel alert and healthy throughout the whole trip. Mindfully hydrating is one of the most important guidelines to any successful journey, Brooke says, because of all the time spent in recirculated air. “The humidity on an airplane can get as low as two or three percent – that’s even drier than a desert! The moisture gets drawn right out of our skins. Combine that with air conditioning at the venue and the fast-paced schedule of a conference, and it’s easy to forget about our need for water. However, dehydration causes fatigue, headaches, and even general body aches and pains, all of which diminishes our ability to focus on our surroundings.”

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