Practices Great Managers Know (and Bad Leaders Don’t)

Practices Great Managers Know (and Bad Leaders Don’t)

Great leaders understand there is a decided difference between leading and bossing others. In our QCB Events Inc coaching model, we discuss the qualities that effective managers use to develop high-performing teams. Here are three we are trying and finding successful:

Make Life Easier: Hard work doesn’t have to mean inefficient. In our QCB Events Inc office, our leaders strive to set our people up for success. We want their contributions to our firm’s accomplishment to be meaningful. We provide them with the resources they need to meet goals and raise the bar. We ensure that their time is spent efficiently by making meeting time productive as well.

Listen to Your Experts: Our people are the ones who understand the work and their roles the best. They recognize what is needed to improve processes to be more effective. Therefore, our leaders listen actively to associates. We value everyone’s input and ideas. When team members have a voice in their work and collaborate to achieve goals, they attain better results.

Show Appreciation: Gratitude is one of the greatest motivators. In our QCB Events Inc culture, we recognize and reward our people for their dedication to our goals. Saying thank you doesn’t have to be elaborate, either. Even a sincere, detailed note of appreciation can go a long way to inspire someone to keep up the good work.

Effective leadership practices are one of the driving factors for our solid reputation.