The Keys to Effectively Networking

At QCB, we spend considerable time brushing up on our abilities to connect with others and form lasting bonds. We’ve collected a few tips that will help you improve your networking skills, too:


  • Always Leave an Event With a Connection to Follow Up On: The least effective way to network is to run through a conference or mixer passing out and collecting business cards, with no plan to follow up. Our QCB experts propose a different strategy. Instead of quantity, focus on meeting one person with whom you’ll connect again after the event. Once you’ve established contact, suggest a second meeting to move the relationship forward.


  • Network Socially Each Week: Business networking is different from social networking because the pressure to build a professional network is often strong. Therefore, our QCB managers recommend that you engage in meeting others for fun at least once per week. This could be through volunteering or another enjoyable activity. You’ll develop your networking skills without stress.


  • Nurture 5 to 10 Key Relationships: Over time, your network will grow and it will be more difficult to maintain connections. Make sure you do continue to nurture the most valuable of those relationships. Even if it’s with a simple note to say hello or share an interesting story, keep stoking the fires.


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