How Goals Can Be Used to Build Company Culture

How Goals Can Be Used to Build Company Culture

Our leadership team sets organizational goals that maintain the company’s forward momentum. There are the obvious, data-driven metrics that almost all businesses use, such as targets for revenue, sales, and profit, but we also have an agenda for QCB Events Inc areas like customer service and internal promotions.

One of our most important ambitions is to create a cohesive team culture that encourages camaraderie and collaboration. Our culture is the foundation of our firm’s success, so we don’t leave building it up to chance. However, setting a goal to make a culture one thing or another is a bit too vague. Without action steps, there’s no way to chart progress, or even tell if we’re moving in the right direction.

Instead of the obtuse “Our goal is to have a great office environment,” we focus on two distinct activities: team nights and recognition. For example, we have a target number of team nights we hold each month. This allows us to monitor, among other things, which types of social outings provide us with the greatest amount of energy and enthusiasm when we return to work the next day.

Our recognition program works in a similar way. For instance, we promote from within as a way of showing our appreciation to those who embrace our QCB Events Inc mission and values. So when we set a goal for number of promotions in a year, we’re setting a minimum for number of times we recognize those who have proven their leadership skills.

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