Giving Back Goes Social: Social Media Tips

Giving Back Goes Social: Social Media Tips

We’re all about supporting great causes in our QCB Events Inc office. Our giveback initiatives are often as original as our campaigns. We strive to draw maximum attention to the charities we aid. Social media is a perfect venue to augment our efforts and get the word out faster for greater impact:

Extend Reach: Billions of people around the world use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. We can use these sites to spread the word about our QCB Events Inc philanthropic activities and connect with even more people who are passionate about these causes. This practice helps us not only draw more support, but extend our company’s visibility as well.

Rally Support: As we’ve noted through our QCB Events Inc business model, online communications are great for supplementing our outreach. With charities, it’s possible to post videos that paint a picture of why this cause is important and who they have helped. Look for content that is easy to share, sparks discussion, and creates organic word of mouth.

Raise Funds: If doing a fundraiser, digital communications can be tied to GoFundMe and other online giving. Remember, the easier we make it for people to give back, the stronger the results will be. Be sure to tie any action links to all platforms in which this charitable giving is discussed.

We are committed to causes that make our community and world a better place to live.