Find Your Communication Style

Find Your Communication Style

Better communication is something people often work to improve. One of the articles floating around the QCB Events, Inc. office focuses on four different communication styles and each team member homed in on theirs. Here’s an overview for you to explore:

• Leadership Style: The leadership style is direct and focused on getting results. Someone who uses this style is assertive, goal-oriented, and sometimes impatient. This person wants to be told quickly and clearly what to do and then left to do it.

• Social Style: There are several social style communicators on our team at QCB Events, Inc. They tend to be agreeable, helpful, and open. If you want to have a discussion with someone who uses this style, be supportive and focus on the relationship.

• Free-Spirited Style: We all know someone who is an out-of-the-box thinker not tied down by social conventions. Free-spirited speakers are curious, daring, and question everything. To catch their attention, share something new, fun, or informative.

• No-Nonsense Style: These communicators are interested in getting the job done correctly. They tend to be accurate, logical, and dependable. These are traits every team needs. When you’re dealing with a no-nonsense communicator, be well prepared and thorough.

Once you know your communication style, you can share it with team members to help them better discuss things with you. It takes diverse ways of thinking to make a successful team, so take the time to understand those around you as well.

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