How to Exude Confidence When Speaking in Public

How to Exude Confidence When Speaking in Public

The more we present on behalf of QCB Events Inc, the more we realize what a major role confidence plays in our public speaking success. As such, we do everything we can to convey ourselves as self-assured professionals – even if we’re feeling nervous. Here are some of our best methods:

• Tone: It isn’t just what we say; it’s how we say it. Delivery greatly influences how our messages are received. For example, a lower tone lends more credibility to a speaker. Cadence matters as well, so we are careful about articulation.

• Volume: We aim to make sure all our listeners can hear us, without going overboard. We’ve learned that speaking just above our usual decibels ensures the ideal balance of volume and confidence.

• Language: It’s only human to lose train of thought once in a while, and when this happens we’re sure to avoid filler words as we regroup. The QCB Events Inc training program teaches us that utterances such as, “Ah,” “Um,” and, “Like,” interrupt flow.

• Tics: Similarly, we avoid reverting to needless or repetitious language sometimes triggered by public speaking jitters. Whether we record ourselves rehearsing or ask our coworkers to listen and offer feedback, we learn to refrain from saying things like, “I hope this is clear.”