Channeling Nicole’s Leadership Potential

Channeling Nicole’s Leadership Potential

The QCB Events Inc path to advancement shapes all our team members into confident leaders. They bring the passion and work ethic, and we bring the support and resources needed to get ahead. We’re sure to celebrate their progress every step of the way.

Our colleague, Nicole, is the perfect example of a driven professional who has risen to the level of leadership. The QCB Events Inc President says, “Nicole is a new leader. She is the first one in the office, and always the last to leave. She is like a sponge, constantly learning.”

These are some of the qualities that power Nicole’s success:

• Positive Attitude: Professional advancement is challenging work. An upbeat mind-set is a must, giving people the fortitude to continue even in the face of obstacles. We see such an attitude in Nicole every day, and it rubs off on the rest of us!

• Focus on Solutions: Nicole has a keen ability to identify problems, yet she doesn’t dwell on them. Instead, she considers them only long enough to develop and implement effective solutions.

• Eagerness to Learn: No matter how high someone rises in the world of business leadership, there is always more to learn. Nicole is aware of this fact, and is always hungry for fresh insight.

Nicole is a standout individual and deserving of recognition.