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At QCB, we have a team of people who are passionate about attaining excellence. Each one has a positive perspective on life. Their attitudes and drive fuel our success.


The upbeat atmosphere within our office makes it easy to attract individuals who seek professional journeys with a clear path to unlimited growth. We want our people to shine.


Here’s how we do it.

QCB’s Pathways to Professional Growth

Building Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

We equip our QCB’s associates with the skills to thrive as business leaders. Our entrepreneurship training program introduces the concepts needed to manage enterprise resources and people. With our franchise model, the most ambitious associates launch offices of their own in new markets.

Learning and Earning at the Same Time

Our newest associates earn as they learn with our entry-level training program. We offer a competitive compensation package that allows them to develop hands-on business skills in an energized environment. Individuals who successfully complete the program assume leadership roles in several industries, including software, subscriptions, digital marketing, and more.

Coaching Program Designed for Optimized Results

Our coaching model offers individualized guidance to our new team members. Each associate is paired with an experienced pro who helps them develop the skills needed to thrive in this industry. They learn sales strategies, ins and outs of buying processes, how to overcome objections, and confidence in public speaking. Those who excel are often placed on one of our coaching tracks.

The Fast Track to Become a Certified Direct Sales Professional

At the end of our one-year entry-level program, successful associates graduate with the expertise necessary to succeed in sales and marketing. Each of these people knows how to reach customers, direct their own work, and assume leadership roles.

Fantastic Perks

It’s exciting to work at QCB because of the perks we offer our associates. Our people enjoy travel opportunities like conferences and retreats. They network with business leaders and are continually learning and growing with us.


Professional Opportunities at QCB

Join our QCB team and discover why we’re the leaders in direct sales for the Charlotte, North Carolina region. Send your resume to careers@qcbincorporated.com to join us!