Boost Your Two-Way Communication Skills

Boost Your Two-Way Communication Skills

As leaders, the QCB Events, Inc. managers view themselves as students looking for new ways to boost their communication skills. Good exchanges with colleagues are key to shaping our ability to successfully complete a project. Here are two of the methods we’ve been trying to help boost two-way interactions:

• Create Procedures: Our leaders review the communication patterns of our team to ensure clear direction and establish procedures that set the expectations for everyone. For example, we use fixed performance reviews that are expected and cover a standard set of topics. These provide forums for one-on-one talks between team members and managers. Having this as a process means everyone can prepare and knows what to expect. It also gives team members a reason to work hard. Who doesn’t want a great review?

• Share Information: When our team at QCB Events, Inc. works on a complex campaign, it is very useful to have a central location for storing and sharing information. There’s a lot of experience and industry knowledge that needs to be preserved, so whether it’s a central forum or customer relationship tool, we make sure there’s one platform that everyone uses.

Discussion between teams and their managers should always go both ways. Making that possible is the job of a good leader.

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