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How QCB Attains
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Our QCB team has mastered the art of live conversation. We take time to understand the dynamics that influence consumer buying decisions.

Our strategy incorporates the best locations, timing, and messages based on your likely customers. This means you’ll see faster results and measurable ROIs. To ensure success, we expertly train our team and offer them the right incentives to deliver the outcomes you want to see.

Our vision for in-person campaigns goes deeper than simple product promotion. We focus on developing relationships and trust so that consumers are confident in their decisions to choose your brand. Our ability to build solid rapport gives businesses an edge in a crowded market. We take your product directly to consumers, so we’re able to create more impact than traditional outreach approaches.

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What Drives Us

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Why QCB’s Live
Promotions Give You an

QCB’s Talented Team Generates Excitement

Our QCB team has the know-how to get consumers interested and enthused about your products. We carefully develop our associates’ natural instincts and conversational skills through our proven training and coaching program. Our learning system takes our people across the U.S., ensuring that everyone is equipped to exceed expectations.

We’re Locally Based for Greater Effectiveness

To reach a local audience, it’s important to be part of the community. That’s why we hire people from the region who understand what matters to the customer base and what matters to them. Our outreach takes place in settings familiar to your customers.

We Translate Conversations to Conversions

We don’t just talk a good game at QCB. We intuitively understand how to reach consumers through face-to-face outreach. Our customer-centric approach has proven time and again to attain faster brand growth than traditional advertising.

We Represent Brands Big and Small

Our reputation for delivering measurable results has earned us the trust of Fortune 500 companies and emerging enterprises alike. We’re proud of our continually growing portfolio.

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